Afikomen Bag

So here is my first craft post… an afikomen bag. For those of you who do not know, afikomen is special matzah. The word itself means dessert and the passover seder is not finished until the afikomen, which is hidden, is found usually by the younger kids. The afikomen bag is what holds the matzah so you can hide it.

Now that the little lesson is over…. onto making this. So this is fun to do with your kids but it is easier if you do it with them one on one. This does require a little kid with a needle so be sure to go through with them what not to do with a needle (like poking themselves or others with the sharp point)

All you need is a piece of felt, a tapestry needle, some thread and some sequins or form of decoration and glue to put it on. That’s it!

image (1)

Before even starting on the actual bag, take your thread and loop in through the needle and secure it with a knot. This saves so much time for when you are doing it with little kids because otherwise it is constantly coming undone. Take the other end of the thread and tie a double knot.

image (2)

Next, fold the felt hamburger style.

image (3)

Pull the needle from the inside onto the other side for your kid so the double knot is on the inside of the fold.

image (6)

Loop the thread and go through both sides.

image (4)

Show your kid how to push the needle through the fabric and form loops on the side of the felt. Repeat on other side.

image (7)

Let your kid decorate afikomen bag as desired and tada!

image (8)

If your kid is anything like my siblings, they will be insanely proud of themselves.

Hope you enjoyed! If you had any recommendations please share, I’d love to hear them!


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