Simple Tie Dye Cake

Hello! I am attempting to catch up on everything I’ve been too busy to post! I made this right before Passover for a friend and made sure to take pictures of this delightful cake. It is a simple white cake that you can easily make into practically anything. Not to mention, it’s very simple so you can always have your kids help out with some of the batter in a smaller bowl. 🙂 If you end up doing the tie-dye they can even help you figure out what colors mixed together makes another color. It can be a learning experience as well as a fun time. 🙂

You will need sugar, butter/margarine, eggs/applesauce, vanilla, baking powder, flour, milk and food coloring.

Start by creaming 1 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of butter.

photo 4 (2)

Once smooth, add in 1 tablespoon vanilla and 2 eggs (or 3/4 cup applesauce) and blend in.

creaming butter

photo 3 (1)

It should look like this:

photo 1 (3)

Next, slowly stir in the 1 3/4 teaspoon baking powder and 1 1/2 cup flour until doughy. Then, little by little add in milk.

photo 2 (3)

When all of the milk is stirred in, it should look smooth like so:

photo 2 (4)

Now if you’d like to make tie-dye, separate into bowls and add food coloring. I used blue, green and purple.

photo 3 (4)

Now just alternate dumping into greased and floured loaf or cake pans or paper tins.

photo 5

photo 4 (5)

Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the cake springs back at touch.



-Add some add-ins… Make it a birthday cake by adding sprinkles and icing.

-Add 1/4 cup cocoa and reduce the vanilla and the flour by 1/4 cup to make a chocolate-y cake. Maybe add some mini-chocolate chips to make it perfect for a chocolate craving?

-Add color like I did and create a colorful surprise! Have fun with it!

simple white cake recipe

Hope you enjoy!


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