Bunny Masks

Today I am posting my second craft… Easter bunny masks. I suppose they could be worn anytime but it just so happens that tomorrow is Easter! πŸ™‚ Whether or not you celebrate Jesus’s resurrection or the candy and egg traditions that have come to be, hopefully you can find some enjoyment out of these masks. The bunny masks are super easy and fun for kids to help you make.

All of the materials you likely have on hand. You’ll need at least one paper plate, some crayons, a pair of scissors, a tapestry needle with some thread of any color, and some glue (I like Elmer’s but any will work).

Start out by cutting out the flat part of the plate. After you have the mini-circle, cut this (below) shape out with about the size of your child’s nose.

Cut-out of paper plate

Now, hand this to your child and let him/her draw and decorate it as desired. If you find it easier (depending on the age), cut the eyes before letting your kid draws on it. This might let the kid add eyelashes or make it more realistic. Both of my siblings are on the younger side, so I decided to let them color before cutting.

Salem (who is 2 and also adorable) is using marker and is very proud of herself.

Salem (who is 2 and also adorable) is using marker and is very proud of herself.

My adorable 5 year-old brother, Gage, drawing on his mask. πŸ™‚

Now you can make the eyes. First measure where your kid’s eyes would be on the mask. Or at least guess and check.

GagesDrawn and ready for eyes

I just used a Sharpie to dot around where their eyes would be. Then, you just cut a slit and start cutting in a circle until it is about the size of their eye, checking occasionally.

Start of eyes A little bigger... Bit bigger Little bigger Gage's eyes are ready

Now using either the scraps from your mask or a new paper plate, cut bunny-shaped ears. Glue the base and press them to the back of the mask. Then, take a tapestry needle and loop thread through it and poke through one of the sides.

Threading string

I was thoroughly amazed to figure out Gage took this picture as I was poking the needle through his mask.

Once its through, cut about the size of your child’s head plus a little and double knot the end to the mask.

Start to thread

Poke through the other side and tie as well. Now you have your wonderful, custom-made bunny mask. πŸ™‚

Salem's mask

Salem and Gage's bunny masks :)

Salem and Gage’s bunny masks πŸ™‚

Please enjoy your bunny masks! Hopefully your kids will enjoy it as much as Salem and Gage did!


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