Crockpot Chicken and Potatoes

Hello! Sorry it’s been so long… I have been so busy and haven’t had the time to post. 😦 Recently I made crockpot chicken and potatoes… Sort of a cross between an Italian and Mexican style meal. How it became this way? I have no clue but it tastes really good.

It’s difficult to do picture step by step when you just stick it in there and stir it occasionally but I attempted.

Start of by putting a pound of boneless chicken in your crockpot/slowcooker. I had mine in the freezer, so I attempted to defrost it in the microwave… Didn’t work out as well as I had hoped and was still mostly frozen despite spending a half hour in the microwave. Le sigh.

photo 1

Next, boil some water in a pot and cook about 2 pounds of CHOPPED potatoes until almost tender. This seems weird seeing as most crockpot recipes would just require you to stick them in the crockpot. Well, here’s the deal… Not a lot of crockpots get to the temperature it takes for potatoes to soften, which is near boiling but instead they stick around the temperature for meats to get cooked through, which is lower. Therefore, if you just stick them in the crockpot, you will likely have hard potatoes with brilliantly cooked meat.

photo 3

Once the potatoes are nearly tender, drain the water and stick them into the crockpot as well. Sprinkle with Cajun, garlic salt, rosemary, black pepper, and actual salt. Pour a bit of water in. Plug in, put on high and let it go, stirring occasionally. Each time you stir, add some more seasoning. My mostly frozen meat took about 5 hours to cook through. Once cooked through, I let mine cool and then I sliced up the meat and stuck it back in with some chicken broth, and some peppers for about an hour.

photo 4



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