Easter Egg Maracas

How are you today? It’s the first of May, can you believe it? It is also 2 holidays today. A US holiday, National Day of Prayer and a Pagan holiday, Beltane-Samhain. Many of you are likely asking,  ‘Are you Pagan?’ I am not a Pagan, I just like to respect all religions. So if you are a Pagan or a Wicca, good for you… Please enjoy today.

Either way, there are not a lot of crafts or recipes I can do for either one, so instead I’ll make a Cinco de Mayo craft for you today, Easter Egg Maracas. If you have some of those plastic eggs leftover, suddenly you have a new project. If not, I’m sure they are on sale just about everywhere.

Have your kids or you try to take one of those eggs and fill it half the way with  some rice/popcorn kernels/beads.  Really anything that makes noise. Help them tape them shut. I used duct tape but I recommend a tape you can draw on.

tape closed

Put 2 plastic spoons on either side and tape the spoons to the egg. If you have enough tape, cover the egg in tape and let your children (or you) decorate with sharpies.

got to admit, it looks pretty awesome with duck tape


Hope you enjoyed that simple craft. 🙂


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