Water Bottle Tornados

Hello! A few days ago my siblings and I did a fun project that made them occupied for hours afterwards. It’s really simple and you can have a lot of fun out of it. We made water bottle tornados. They loved to watch the sparkles swirl around.

All you need is a (water) bottle, water and sparkles. We made a plastic water bottle one and a glass Jones bottle one for the older kids, Reese, who is twelve and still wanted to participate.

All of the endless supplies you need. :)

So first off, you do the simple deed of adding water to the bottle. I do not recommend filling it all the way.

Fill it with water

Next, you let the kids go at it and add the sparkles.

A random arm putting sparkles in the bottle.

We added lots of sparkles.

Everyone adding sparkles. :)

Once they are done, close tightly or you could seal with glue.

They are now finished. Let the kids shake and play around with them.

Gage shaking the bottle

Gage watching it swirl

Salem watching the sparkles swirl.

Salem being protective over her water tornado.

After Salem saw it swirl, she became very protective over her water tornado because it was sparkly and Gage was out to steal it.

Reese shaking the bottle

Even Reese took a turn, even if he managed to hit himself in the head. 😛

Reese managing to hit himself in the head. Bravo.

In all, we had a lot of fun and I think these should last for awhile. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


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