Sourdough Toast topped with Sauteed Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs

Hello! I felt like making a savory breakfast this morning, so I decided to make some sauteed mushrooms with eggs and toast. Of course, it had have all of the flavors wrapped all together, so I put them all together in this eye-pleasing (and tummy-pleasing) dish. The only change I would have to this is to add some green, likely spinach because I love the mushroom-spinach pairing but possibly kale(?). Feel free to share your thoughts.

I began by melting butter on a low-medium heat.

melt butter

And adding my sourdough… I wanted it crispy so I let it sit for a few minutes on either side…

photo 2

Meanwhile, chop up your 3-4 mushrooms and 1/6 of an onion.

chop mushrooms

Take your bread off and add your egg. Scramble with some garlic salt, pepper and some italian seasonings.

photo 2 (2)

Set on the piece of bread.

put on bread

Add your mushrooms and onion (and possibly a green here) with a bit more butter and a teaspoon of garlic into the pan.

mushroom and onion to sautee

Sautee and add on top of eggs.

add mushrooms

Top with a little bit of cheese and possibly more salt.


sourdough toast topped with sauteed mushrooms and scrambled eggs recipe



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