4 Ingredient Dinner Scramble

Hello! Here we have a four ingredient (plus seasonings) scramble for dinner… It only consists of meat (I used 2 lbs of beef), (1 lb) potatoes, (an entire) bell pepper and an onion. Only other additions are any seasonings you feel like. I used garlic salt, pepper and a bit of cayan pepper.

Chop up your onion, bell pepper and potatoes. Defrost your meat if needed.

Put your meat in a large pan with a lid on medium heat.

add meat

Cook until mostly browned then add your onion. Cook until slightly softened.

photo 3

Add a cup of water.

photo 2

Layer your sliced potatoes on top.

layer potatoes

Sprinkle your chopped bell pepper (red or yellow is just as delicious) on top. Cover with lid.

sprinkle bell pepper

Let it simmer for ten minutes and then stir it around, adding any seasonings.

photo 3 (2)

Cook until potatoes are tender.

4 ingredient dinner scramble recipe

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