My Abbadon Cosplay

Hello! I had a ton of fun making my abbadon cosplay. It all started with finding my leather jacket… ūüėČ

I made my own The Devil Made Me Do It shirt and made instructions that you can find here but otherwise you can buy the shirt nearly anywhere. For the costume, I wore the shirt, a pair of my black skinny jeans, my black Doc Martens, a leather jacket and a lot of makeup. I have¬†naturally red hair, so all I did was put it into a fancy up-do. As for the makeup, I used this video as my guide but I used a cheaper way that wouldn’t last as long. The person in the video used liquid latex for her neck, while I used Elmer’s glue and toilet paper.

I started off by layering toilet paper and glue and then let it dry.


After it dried, I cut it in half using pliers (carefully). Then, using thread I sewed it back up again.


And came back to create X shaped stitches.


I then added a bit of foundation to blend, addeda bit of black makeup into the cracks and slathered it with fake blood, letting it drip as it pleased.

IMG_2748I added some blood for my neck wound and I was ready to go for my neck. For my face, I put foundation on then added shadows on my cheeks, under my eyes and on my nose and chin. The video did a fantastic job of showing how to shape your face to appear to have a different bone structure. Then add winged eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Don’t forget to smear it! ¬†Here is a normal photo of me compared to a photo of me with the makeup:


Very different. I love that video. Well, I hope that was helpful.


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