My Vacation to Las Vegas

Hello! How are you? Do anything fun over the summer?

Over the summer, I went to my Bubbie’s house. We had a ton of fun celebrating her birthday- even if I got food poisoning!

We started off my trip with celebrating Father’s day and we enjoyed a giant banana split with my grandfather in LA.


Later in my vacation, my Bubbie and I were having dessert when my uncle pointed out that Adam Savage was just around the corner! It was awesome to get to meet him and he was very nice and was kind enough to let me get a photo and an autograph for my brother, who may be his biggest fan.


Me, smiling like a dork while he looks awesome as always.


We also posed in front of this awesome dragon-dino cutout after seeing wings (narrated by David Tennant).


Later in the week we had cake and celebrated her birthday. 🙂 Thank you Bubbie for an incredible trip.


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