Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I wanted to say thank you so much LoudThoughtsVoicesOut. It means a lot to me that I was nominated, so thank you.

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Getting to Know Me

1. I had a cooking-themed bat mitzvah party.

2.My favorite flavor combination is onions, spinach, muchroom and provolone.

3. My dream is to travel the world to see the history in each place I travel.

4. I am very interested in researching mythology and pagan traditions.

5. I may be addicted to Pinterest. And tumblr.

6. I have a slight obssession with pinning graveyards and abandoned places.

7. My favorite color is purple.












Sausage and Spinach Pasta

Hello! I don’t know about you, but I have always loved fall. Fall, the time of golden leaves and the nice breeze. Assuming you don’t live in Arizona. Even though I don’t get any fall-lke weather, I can still enjoy the yumminess that comes with fall. Like my absolutely favorite flavor, pumpkin. Already, I’m getting excited, I just got my first cans of pumpkin for the year and can’t wait to make some baked heaven with them…Until then, I guess I’ll have to return to my pumpkin-less cooking. Earlier this week, I made this delicious creation of pasta, sausage, spinach, mushrooms and (of course)onions.

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