Michael Jackson Cake

Hello! I just love fall. I have always been a fall person, and I hope I always will. Whether I’m fall-ing down the stairs, or just smelling the beautiful scents of cinnamon, pumpkin and Christmas (not necessarily all at the same time) I just love fall. Sure, the falling part sucks, but that one happens every day of the year.

Fall is just the perfect time for everything. It’s the perfect time to bake because it is FINALLY cooling down enough to heat the oven (not that that stopped me in the summer)… It’s the perfect time for friends because you are always giving and getting presents… It’s the perfect time for creativity because you’ve got Halloween coming along… (Do I hear cakes and crafts coming?) And it is absolutely the perfect time to have some you time. Whether it’s baking or settling in with a warm cup of tea… It’s just by far the most busy, yet relaxing and wonderful time of the year.

Anyhow, one of my best friends, Claire, had a birthday a bit back and I’ve just been waiting to share the cake I made for her. She has been obsessed with Michael Jackson for the longest time, so I made her a cake to match the album cover of Bad.

I ended up making a vanilla cake, but decidedit was just too boring. So, I decided to tie dye the cake. I set aside the bowls and added a different color to each and just went at it with this end result:

Tie Dye Cake!

I was very happy with how it looked. Although I couldn’t get a picture of what it looked like when it was cut open, it was about tentimes brighter colors then the ones you see above. It was brilliant and she was very excited. 🙂

Michael Jackson's Bad album cover

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