Broken Glass Cupcakes

Hello! Yesterday was my stepfather’s birthday. My mother and I decided to make a Halloween theme for this birthday, so we decided to give broken glass cupcakes an attempt. The one problem we encountered was the fact we did not have a candy therometer, so most of the recipes we found we couldn’t really use as it relied on one. The first recipe we found was only water and sugar. We used this, but when it told us to put it in the pan, it didn’t set. Therefore, we decided to attempt again with a second recipe that included corn syrup. The recipe we ended up finding used the microwave instead of the stove, so I decided to change it slightly and do it over the stove.

Start with a cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of corn syrup, 1/8-1/4 c of water and a bit of vanilla extract and put it in a pot. Then, heat on high until boiling.

placed on high heat


Lower the heat to medium low until it starts to look yellowish.


Pour into a GREASED parchment paper lined baking pan. Let it cool for around 5-10 minutes and then lift and drop it, begin stabbing the glass with a fork or something along those lines. Note: The glass shards will be sharp so be careful.

slather with blood

Next, take out the magical cupcakes that just appeared in front of you (good recipe here) and cover them with icing then shove one of these shards into it. Feel free to slather the entire thing in edible blood (good recipe here) to create the best look.


love how they turned out

Broken Glass cupcakes


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