Great Idea to do instead of New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions always make me feel depressed. I mean, you can spend an hour thinking about what you believe is wrong about yourself and make unreachable goals on how to better yourself. Although I may be young, I have had enough New Years pass to recognize that I’ll never be able to suceed at my goals. So, when I was scouring the interwebs, I came across a cool idea that I feel like is a more positive way of going about a New Year. On Buzzfeed it showed this group of people decorating a jar to put strips of paper in throughout the year.

And what might these strips of paper be? Things your proud of or that made you happy during the year of course. That way,next New Years, instead of feeling like an utter dissappointment to humanity, you can open your jar and read the dated strips of things you were proud of and instead of recognizing the negative parts of yourself, you can focus on being more positive and realizing hwat you love and what makes you happy and being able to focus more on those for the New Year.

I liked this idea enough, I decorated a jar of my own this New Year, and you know what? I’ve already got a strip of paper in there already. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions?


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