Harley Quinn Cake


For my mom’s birthday this year, I created a Harley Quinn cake. My mom has always been obsessed with Harley Quinn. She has a Harley blanket, sweater, costume and a Batman room. She is the most obsessive person I’ve ever known (I still love you mom, I probably even got that from you). I admit, this wasn’t my best work. I was slightly rushed because I had to make it when she was out and I had quite a few problems with the fondant.

I’ve used fondant several times before, including making a poker cake by myself for my grandfather (here), so it wasn’t from lack of experience. The fondant rolled out just fine and everything was going great until I attempted to smooth it onto the cake. It began cracking and suddenly hardening and not melding with the fondant on the sides. I’m still not sure quite what happened, but I ended up covering the major issues and knowing it was only for my mom, left it with a messy bottom.

Despite the problems I had, it still turned out pretty awesome.



Any suggestions for next time?

Hope you still enjoyed it. 🙂


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