Happy Holidays!

This year Easter and Passover coincided, leaving a very sad Athena when she realized she had accidentally eaten a hot cross bun on only the third day of Passover. All well, it was completely worth it.

For Easter this year, we decided to make a traditional British Easter dinner. It consisted of shepard’s pie, fried cabbage, chocolate chip hot cross buns, deviled eggs, and fruit with marshmallow dipping sauce. It was absolutely fantastic and everyone was stuffed. I also made dessert of copycat Reese’s eggs, mini cupcakes in pastel colors and bunny butt cookies, but barely any of it was touched after our meal.

Pictures and recipes will be linked and updated here tomorrow, but in the meantime, please comment how your holidays have been!


Chopped Challenge

Okay, so during winter break Reese and I got a bit bored. We saw this thing on pinterest where you make a jar of crafts a while back and pick a craft a day and we kind of did it with activities. Granted, we ran out of ideas for the sticks so half of them were empty… But that’s besides the point. We ended up making a stick with Chopped Challenge on it, and when we finally picked it, we asked our parents to step in to create the rules for our modified challenge and to be the judges. So it all began. My mom started out by taking picks of us, like they do in the show before they begin cooking. Here were ours:

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Great Idea to do instead of New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions always make me feel depressed. I mean, you can spend an hour thinking about what you believe is wrong about yourself and make unreachable goals on how to better yourself. Although I may be young, I have had enough New Years pass to recognize that I’ll never be able to suceed at my goals. So, when I was scouring the interwebs, I came across a cool idea that I feel like is a more positive way of going about a New Year. On Buzzfeed it showed this group of people decorating a jar to put strips of paper in throughout the year.

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Happy 2015!

Happy New Years everyone! Already looking forward to this year! Just yesterday our family got a new little kitten, so now we have little Crookshanks to add into our family.


Isn’t he a cutie?

I’m looking forward to 2015. Not only do I have a clean room, a new kitten and lots of family and friends to share it with, but recently I have started contacting someone who I have not spoken to in a long while and hope becomes part of my life, as well as I have become friends and started dating an amazing boy from school.

How has everyone else’s New Year’s been so far?

Lots of love for the new year,

Redheadedwhovian 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season! I’ll soon be posting cookie exchange recipes and all of those pumpkin recipes I promised. 😉

Here are some pictures from my Hannukah so far:

Gage being a cutie pie with homemade playdoh

Gage being a cutie pie with homemade playdoh

My abnosome dreidel I made

My abnosome dreidel I made

Watching the candles burn out

Watching the candles burn out. 🙂

Salem and Gage menorah

How have all of your holidays been?

Have a great one!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I wanted to say thank you so much LoudThoughtsVoicesOut. It means a lot to me that I was nominated, so thank you.

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Now here are the rules (copied and pasted):

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Getting to Know Me

1. I had a cooking-themed bat mitzvah party.

2.My favorite flavor combination is onions, spinach, muchroom and provolone.

3. My dream is to travel the world to see the history in each place I travel.

4. I am very interested in researching mythology and pagan traditions.

5. I may be addicted to Pinterest. And tumblr.

6. I have a slight obssession with pinning graveyards and abandoned places.

7. My favorite color is purple.


1. http://thefandomnews.net/

2. http://totallyinspiredpc.wordpress.com/

3. http://bettercookies.wordpress.com/ 

4. http://kelzbelzphotography.wordpress.com/

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Poker Table Fondant Cake

My grandpa collects chips and likes to play blackjack, so this year for his birthday I made him a poker table-themed fondant cake with a royal flush, some chips and dice on it.

It was a ton of fun to make. It took a while, everything was hand made, including the cards but it was so worth it. photo 3 (2)

Here’s the close-up:

grandpa cake

grandpa w cake

Happy Birthday Grandpa!


My Abbadon Cosplay

Hello! I had a ton of fun making my abbadon cosplay. It all started with finding my leather jacket… 😉

I made my own The Devil Made Me Do It shirt and made instructions that you can find here but otherwise you can buy the shirt nearly anywhere. For the costume, I wore the shirt, a pair of my black skinny jeans, my black Doc Martens, a leather jacket and a lot of makeup. I have naturally red hair, so all I did was put it into a fancy up-do. As for the makeup, I used this video as my guide but I used a cheaper way that wouldn’t last as long. The person in the video used liquid latex for her neck, while I used Elmer’s glue and toilet paper.

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