Fandom Food

Hello sweetie! It appears you have found my fandom page… The page of TARDIS blue letters and flaming arrow cakes. Well, soon enough there will be food alike to flaming arrow cakes. So far I have made a single fandom post (shame on me) but that will be changing soon. Mostly I will post recipes alike to fish fingers and custard or Dean’s favorite pie (all of them obviously) but I’m sure eventually there will be some type of crafty project posted on here. Either way, so far I have posted the following:

Dexter-themed Strawberry Crepes (from Dexter)

And will be posting:

Jack the Pumpkin King Cupcakes (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

Fish Fingers and Custard (from Doctor Who)

Butterbeer (please tell me you know this one)

Mom’s Pie (from Supernatural)

Finally a ginger,



Funny picture from Supernatural:

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