Make it with kids

So perhaps it is a weekend and you wanted to find a craft idea to do with your kids. Or maybe (this one happens all the time with me) one of the kids is having a tantrum because you’re cooking and they aren’t helping. Either way, hopefully I have some good ideas to keep your kids busy or to have some bonding time with them. 🙂


Other recipes will be posted soon!

Simple Tie-Dye Cake – As a fun little project bake some cupcakes or a cake with your kids-they’ll love to help and be so happy when they learn they can eat the dough.


More crafts will be coming soon!

Ages 2-4:

Bunny Masks– Create a fun bunny mask with and for your kid to celebrate this Easter! Also a great activity for kids older than 4.

Ages 5-10:

Afikomen Bag– Make an Afikomen bag for this year’s Pesach. 🙂

Easter Egg Maracas- Use leftover Easter eggs to make Cinco de Mayo (or everyday) maracas.

Water Bottle Tornados– Transform an empty water bottle into a sparkly toy that will keep kids playing (while you clean up their last mess 😉 ).


All Ages:


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