Challah French Toast

Hello! Remember that challah? Well, as delicious as it was, it’s getting kind of stale now. So what better to do then to make challah french toast?

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Hamburger Breakfast Burrito

Hello! Yesterday I posted Cheese-filled Hamburger Sliders. Well, if you have leftovers… You could always eat it as is, make a breakfast burger out of it or you could attempt a meat version of my Vegetable Scramble. You could use this as a topper for toasted bread, in a breakfast burrito, or even alone. The ideas are endless.

You may be asking, “How?” Elementary, my dear watson, elementary.

All you have to do is crumble leftover hamburger and just make the scramble as usual, adding the meat in with the vegetables. If you would not like to click my lovely link above, the full instructions are below:

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Vegetable Scramble

Hello everyone. Today is my first day posting with a recipe, so I hope everyone enjoys. Again, I love advice so if you have any please let me know. This is just a simple breakfast that can be made within ten minutes. It’s really simple and you can adapt it to fit whatever vegetables you have and enjoy. My personal favorite is a spinach, mushroom eggs scramble with a touch of cheese but if you don’t really like that, feel free to change it how you’d like.

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