Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Happy Mother’s day! Today is the perfect opportunity to attempt to make brunch. Here are some simple recipes to help you out:

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Banana Chocolate Pancakes – Use some leftover bananas to create some fast, fluffy, chocolate-y pancakes for this morning.


French Toast – Serve your mother cinnamon french toast to get her day started with a sweet, filling homemade meal. 🙂

yummy potatoes

Garlic Potatoes– Make some soft, flavorful potatoes with some crispy bacon and some eggs for a full-rounded meal.

Vegetable Scramble

Vegetable Scramble – Take some vegetables and eggs and whip up this easy breakfast for your mother.

Please enjoy! Email me if you have any questions or would like any other suggestions at

For my brunch for my own mother, go here. (Coming soon)



Vegetable Scramble

Hello everyone. Today is my first day posting with a recipe, so I hope everyone enjoys. Again, I love advice so if you have any please let me know. This is just a simple breakfast that can be made within ten minutes. It’s really simple and you can adapt it to fit whatever vegetables you have and enjoy. My personal favorite is a spinach, mushroom eggs scramble with a touch of cheese but if you don’t really like that, feel free to change it how you’d like.

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